Electric car rental Formentera

Electric car rental Formentera

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Electric car rental Formentera

Formentera electric car rental: SERVICES AND ADVANTAGES

Electric car rental Formentera

Formentera electric car rental; There are more and more requests to rent electric cars in Formentera due to their ease of handling, the zero cost of fuel and the ease of charging and services that Formentera offers for all types of electric vehicles. Being an island that is committed to new technologies and electric vehicles, they have free entry to all the beaches and areas of the natural park where the rest of conventional vehicles must pay an entrance fee, as well as free parking in all paid areas. .

As it is a vehicle with increasing demand, advance reservations are always recommended to always ensure availability and the best possible offers. At Rentalformentera.com we work with the number 1 electric car rental company in Formentera to always offer the latest models and the greatest possible confidence and security.

We have several models such as BMW and the legendary and always fun electric Mehari; the e-Mehari, as well as several cheaper models, all of them automatic.

Electric car rental Formentera Where are they charged?

The island of Formentera is fully committed to electric cars, with completely free charging points available throughout the island, in the main car parks and main hotels and accommodations. All electric car charging points in Formentera are free and accessible 24 hours a day.

You can even consult a map of charging points for electric vehicles on the island of Formentera on Google Maps and you will also receive all the information and recommendations at the rental offices on the day of delivery of the car, with personalized and professional treatment to make your trip to Formentera a unique and unforgettable experience.

How long does it take to charge an electric car in Formentera?

The island of Formentera has 82 square kilometres, so charging the electric car is more than enough to enjoy and get to know the entire island without problems. However, charging the car is recommended whenever it is left in a parking lot and the ideal is simply Leave it charging overnight so you don’t worry and have it 100% the next day so you can continue enjoying the trip with complete peace of mind.

Electric cars have a range that ranges from 130km for the e-Mehari, 145km for the electric Smart to 285km for the electric BMW, many more than the kilometers you can cover in a day in Formentera, so the Charging the batteries is not a problem or something we should worry about when renting an electric car in Formentera.

Other electric vehicles in Formentera

If you wish, you can also check prices and rental offers for electric motorcycles and electric bicycles in Formentera, all of which are state-of-the-art and periodically renewed to always offer the best vehicles on the island.

Electric motorcycles have a range of up to 90km and electric bicycles range from 40km to 110km depending on the model selected. Both can also be charged at any free point on the island in a time of between 1-3 hours to have a full 100% charge of the batteries. They are also a perfect vehicle to enjoy a holiday in Formentera and not think about fuel or paying entry to some well-known beaches such as Illetas beach or the Ses Salines de Formentera natural park.

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Electric car rental Formentera

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