Formentera bike rental

Formentera bike rental

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Formentera bike rental

Formentera bicycle rental; ADVANTAGES AND SERVICES

Formentera bike rental

Formentera bicycle rental. The bicycle is undoubtedly the quietest, most economical and relaxing vehicle to get to know the island of Formentera. You can rent a bicycle in Formentera from €4 per day, always depending on the season of the year and the model of the bicycle. You can rent touring bikes with or without gears, mountain bikes, children’s bikes or 100% electric bikes.

Access by bicycle is completely free for all beaches or areas of the island where an entrance fee must be paid due to the natural park and the protection of the coasts. Being a 100% ecological vehicle, all access is free for bicycles and for any type of electric vehicle, be it bicycle, motorcycle or car.

Formentera has a total of 82 square km and although it has a large number of paths and beaches, discovering it by bicycle is totally possible and very beautiful, now it is recommended to spend at least 3-4 days on the island if we want to enjoy it by bicycle.

Formentera bicycle rental with children

Formentera bicycle rental. On all conventional bicycles, a 100% approved child seat can be attached without problems and with complete safety, as long as it is notified in the reservation form that they need a child seat, in this way the bicycle rental company already It will be assembled and ready upon arrival in Formentera. If you want a child seat on electric bicycles, you should consult beforehand since some electric bicycle models do not allow a child seat due to safety regulations.

You can also consult the rental of children’s bicycles for children who can already carry a bicycle without problems, it is better to consult beforehand and book in advance since the models of children’s bicycles are limited.

Where can I pick up the rental bike?

Rental bicycles can be delivered to any of the offices located on the front line of the port of La Savina in Formentera, however they can also be picked up at any office in the main points of the island or even received at your own accommodation, apartment, house or hotel always upon prior request to be able to have it ready at the established time. Formentera bicycle rental.

Formentera bicycle rental What models exist?

At we work with the main bicycle rental company in Formentera, so we can also offer you the largest number of bicycle models in Formentera.

You can choose between Trekking bicycles, basic MTB, electric touring bicycle, electric MTB or conventional MTB and MTB children’s bicycles.

Electric bike rental in Formentera

If you are looking for more comfort, there is also the option of renting an electric bicycle, since it offers many comforts when pedaling and any type of path is always easier with them.

Electric bicycles have a range of 40 to 110km depending on the model and can be 100% charged in practically any connection in a maximum time of 1/3 hour. They all have a padlock, helmet and lights.

Alquiler bicicletas eléctricas Formentera

Electric bike rental

Formentera bike rental

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