Formentera electric motorcycle rental

Formentera electric motorcycle rental

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Formentera electric motorcycle rental

Motorcycle and electric bicycle rental Formentera

Formentera electric motorcycle rental

More and more people are choosing to rent motorcycles or electric bicycles in Formentera, not only for their comfort and ease of use, but also for having free access to the beaches and paid areas of the island and for the ease of charging. of batteries that Formentera offers, with free charging points spread throughout the island and also in the main hotels.

On the other hand, charging electric motorcycles and bicycles does not require any type of special connection and can be charged practically from any electrical connection.

Both motorcycles and bicycles have a range of more than 100km, so enjoying Formentera with a motorcycle or electric bicycle is ideal and we should not have to worry about running out of batteries or any other problem, even so when working with the main company in the rental of electric vehicles on the island there is technical and customer service anywhere on the island completely free of charge.

Motorcycle and electric bike rental in Formentera

The electric motorcycles for rent in Formentera have a range of 90km, are perfectly approved for two people and their charging time is approximately 4-5 hours.

On the other hand, electric bicycles range from 40km for electric touring bicycles to 110km of autonomy for the PRO electric MTB, both of which can be fully charged in a time of between 1-3 hours depending on the model.

If we think that Formentera has a maximum length of 22km, this means that we do not have to worry about anything and we can spend days perfectly enjoying Formentera without charging the batteries, even so, it is advisable to always charge at night at any time that we are not using the vehicle to always go with complete peace of mind.

Electric bike rental in Formentera

Electric bicycles are the cheapest electric vehicle to rent and do not require any type of driving license or special license. However, to rent an electric bicycle you must be over 18 years of age and for safety reasons it is not possible. rental of electric bicycles with child seats or direct rental to minors.

Electric bicycles have two modes of operation; the pedaling assistant with which we must pedal the same as on a conventional bicycle but without having to make as much effort, since the electric motor helps us in pedaling or the automatic motorcycle where we can go along the path without pedaling as if it were an electric motorcycle without so much power.

Electric car rental in Formentera

If you wish, you can also check prices and offers for renting electric cars in Formentera, all of them new and state-of-the-art with a range of up to 285km and a charging time of between 4-10 hours.

Alquiler de coches eléctricos en Formentera

Electric car rental

Formentera electric motorcycle rental

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